A welcome message from the Door gallery team

Hello! The Door gallery has gone through some changes, and we're here to explain what's up
By the Door gallery team
photo courtesy of the Door gallery
january 31st, 2020

The Door gallery had its start as a small twitter project, a place for online visual artists to showcase their works to an audience, a space where they can let themselves be known. This has always been the intention of the gallery: To bring a spotlight to people who are creating great things.
Now, the Door gallery has widened its focus. We're now an online publication where you'll find a variety of things, ranging from interviews, articles, music reviews, music releases, and of course, visual art, presented in the same way that gave us our start as a project.
A very exciting part of this new concept will be our music label, where we'll release albums by talented musicians from around the world, both digitally and physically. We've wanted to somehow include music into our concept ever since we started working on the Door gallery, so finally being able to do this is quite important for us.
We're very excited with what the future holds for us, we have a lot of stuff in mind, and we can't wait for you to be a part of this journey.
From the Door gallery team, welcome!