Pete / Pedro P.P


Pedro is the founder and creative director of the Door gallery. His favorite writing topics are cultural artifacts deemed not worthy of attention, and internet culture. He's been making music and art online since he was 11 years old, going from digital photography to poetry, illustration, painting, conceptual art, performance, graphic design, analog photography and beyond. He's behind the musical project Agate Flow, as well as many other aliases, with genres varying from ambient, noise, plunderphonics, glitch, drone, nightcore, spoken word, among many others.

He studied international gastronomy and currently works as a pastry chef in his own bakery in Chile, while keeping art, music and curatorial work as hobbies. He has two boyfriends he loves very much.

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Patrick Totally

Patrick Totally is an artist living in South Jersey. He's six feet tall and weighs a little over two hundred pounds. He's been producing music and images of varying substance and merit since he was in middle school. He used to release material under a number of aliases, including MC 469 and Jorge. These days, he's grown more confident in his output and tends to lend his real name to his work. He's recently shifted his main focus towards narrative writing and has started to post opinions about things on the internet with some regularity.

He enjoys playing Tetris, going on long drives, and receiving packages in the mail. He hopes that the people he loves will know peace in their lifetimes.

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Octa Möbius Sheffner


Octa was the first person to be picked up for the writing team, now contributing articles about the nature of art and undiscovered gems from the vast depths of the Internet. They have been making music and visual art since they were 11, and continue to do so, expanding to other mediums such as writing in the process.

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Felis Mors


Felis is a part time writer, full time cat-mom from Santiago, Chile. She participates in her local music scene as much as she can, and tries her best to keep track of both the top 40 charts and more underground releases. She mixes her red wine with music production, and her white with writing.

Most of her published writing is in the form of reviews on rateyourmusic, which I promise are totally cool and you should read, but there's more stuff on the horizon as well!

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